Very likely. The staff were incredibly impressive and everything was run in a very organized fashion. A well oiled machine.

7/19/2018 6:26 PM

Love the friendliness and professionalism of everyone that works @ Kids Elite. I also love that the kids are moving their bodies, being outside, and making friends. I’m elated that no electronics are involved here.

6/29/2018 10:51 AM

Very organized. Variety of activities. Counselors are enthusiastic and well mannered. Excellent aftercare activities, and chess in before care.

6/22/2018 2:14 PM

Very likely. The hours are good, the price is right, and the location is perfect. I also like how they teach kids lots of new types of games and challenge them to try new things.

6/25/2018 8:25 AM

My child is not a natural athlete and would shy away from joining games of basketball or football at school. Now that he has had some instruction in a safe, judgment-free, and encouraging environment, I can already see that he is more comfortable and confident when opportunities come up to join in sports play with other kids. Thank you for supporting our kids and taking them from wherever they are to where they can excel and have fun.
8/4/2017 11:15 AM

Kids Elite is a fun and active camp where kids are introduced to various sports in a positive atmosphere. Out of all the area camps, my children want to go back to Kids Elite each summer!
8/4/2017 12:46 PM

We had an amazing two weeks with Kids Elite! This was our first real experience with organized sports and with being in a camp where we didn’t know any of the kids or counselors/coaches, but my 5 year old son felt at home right away. We loved the welcoming and encouraging atmosphere, and I saw our son’s self-confidence blossom. As a parent, I loved the emphasis on good sportsmanship and the motivational lessons taught each morning in the huddle. We can’t wait to come back next year, and our youngest daughter who is 3 is all ready to sign up next year, too, after watching her big brother there! Thanks for a great experience!
8/11/2017 12:58 PM

Kids Elite is a great camp.  I appreciate how every staff member greets parents with a smile at drop off and pick up times.  I love the morning huddle sessions that review character traits and appropriate conduct.  Kids need to be reminded of how to navigate through conflict with friends.
Summer 2016

Fun week, tired boys! THANK YOU!
8/11/2016 5:28 PM

My son was having issues in another camp which was causing a lot of stress on him and us, his parents. When we switched him to Kids Elite, it was like day and night. I felt confident he was well taken care of, in a supportive environment and having a fun summer.
8/11/2016 9:15 AM

My daughter’s experience for the third year in a row has been really good. She enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities, especially tennis and of course the bouncy house.
8/10/2016 1:31 PM

She had a wonderful experience and hopes to return or camp next summer. She’s not afraid of the water as much as she was before and she told me that camp helped her with that.
8/6/2016 1:17 PM

Our 4 year old LOVED Kids Elite Sports. Their counselors were awesome and engaging making my little guy feel like a part of the team, even with it being his first year and not knowing any of the other kids. My son’s last camp wasn’t a great experience for him and he always asked me to stay with him at drop-off. Not Kids Elite Sports… he pretty much said “later Mom” and ran to go play basketball. It was our first year and we’ll be back for more next summer!
8/4/2016 4:28 PM

My two daughters loved everything about Kids Elite, from the counselors to the games to the friends they made. It was a truly great experience, and we’ll be back next year.
8/4/2016 1:16 PM

My daughter did not think she was that “sporty” and was hesitant about the camp. She ended up LOVING it!
8/4/2016 11:03 AM

My son has shown growth in problem solving skills and navigating conflict. I can recall a conversation , I had with my son about coping and controlling his emotions. When I picked him up from camp, I was greeted with “Mommy, my day started off ok, but I made an attitude adjustment and my day was better !!”. Hearing my son say that confirmed my alignment and belief in the mission of Kids Elite Sports. It said that in my absence my son is surrounded by people with a similar value system.
8/4/2016 10:53 AM

My son said this was his favorite camp this summer due to all the sports he got to play. I loved that it included reading time too. That was important for us to ensure he not only enjoyed the sports activities, but also got some valuable reading time in each day. Thanks, Kids Elite!
8/4/2016 10:51 AM  

My kids are getting the opportunity to try out sports that they’ve never been exposed to before, like badminton and floor hockey – and they are loving them. Nice for them to try new things!
8/4/2016 10:37 AM

My kids are getting the opportunity to try out sports that they’ve never been exposed to before, like badminton and floor hockey – and they are loving them. Nice for them to try new things!
8/4/2016 10:37 AM

My son absolutely loved his time at Kids Elite – he came home happy (and exhausted!) every day. He adored all the counselors, loved the nonstop physical activity, and says he wishes he could stay all summer (next year!).
7/5/2016 7:38 PM

My four-year-old daughter loved every day at Kids Elite Sports. She came home excited about basketball, floor hockey, baseball, soccer, and special field day events. The camp is outstanding!
7/4/2016 9:27 PM

Great camp counselors, attentive and professional adult staff, and happy, engaged kids. Who could ask for more?!
6/28/2016 9:19 PM

My boys, ages 4 and 7, have been having a great time at camp. They go voluntarily in the morning and hard to pull them away to come home in the afternoon. They’re getting a lot of exposure to different sports and meeting lots of kids.
6/28/2016 3:15 PM

Kids Elite Camp promotes self-confidence, teamwork, problem solving, social and emotional development skills.  My son enjoyed making new friends.  Kids Elite Sports was his daily highlight.
Parent of a 5 year old (Summer 2015)

Great Camp!…great staff and very strong leadership!  If anyone is seeking a safe, nurturing, environment, this is the camp to attend.  Thank you!
Parent of a 9 year old (Summer 2015)