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Kids Elite Sports


Are Before and After Care services available?

Yes Before and After Care services are available between 7:30 – 9:00am, and 3:00 – 6:00pm. The cost for Before and After Care for the entire day would be $100 per week. The cost for daily drop in for Before Care is $10 and After Care services is $20 per day.

Do you accept “Walk In” registrations?”

Yes we do offer “Walk In” registrations as long as that Session is not sold out. We will do our best to accommodate every camper, but this is not always a guarantee. Therefore we encourage you to register in advance.

Do you offer discounts?

Receive an Early Bird Discount (10%) by registering before April 15, 2016. Multiple Sibling Discount (10%) will be offered on the registration of the second child and thereafter.

Do you separate children by age and grade?

Kids Elite Sports Camp is appropriately separated into groups by their grade level and skill level. We take into consideration physical strength and ability. This is decided by at the discretion of the Camp Director in order to determine what’s best for the FUNdamental development of the child.

How do I register for Kids Elite Sports Camp?

You may register online. All programs are one week sessions and must be paid for in full upon enrollment. There are no refunds, nor cancellations. Typically the majority of our summer programs have limited enrollment, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible.

How do you handle inclement weather?

Safety is our number one priority at all times, and we are extremely mindful of the weather. If we see lightning or hear even the slightest sound of thunder, our outdoor camp programs are immediately brought inside as we take extreme precaution to ensure that all campers are safe. We also have the additional indoor space to house all campers in a safe and fun environment.

Is your camp safe and secure?

You can rest assure knowing that your campers will be safe and secure with our highly trained leadership within our state of the art facility. Kids Elite staff is handpicked, screened and certified with countless hours in training. The counselors undergo a rigorous training to ensure that our core goals and beliefs are exemplified.

Should my camper enroll in multiple weeks of camp?

Yes, we encourage your child to register for multiple weeks in advance! There are multiple session discounts available. Plus this will ensure that your child gets to experience all the camp has to offer.

What are the camp hours?

Kids Elite Sports Camp goes from 9:00–3:00. Before and After Care is available for extended camp hours.

What does my child need to bring to camp?

Campers should bring their own lunch and a water bottle. They should also bring any sunscreen or medical supplies for any allergic reactions they may possess. You should clearly label your child’s belongings with their full name to prevent items from being lost.

What is an example of a typical day?

A typical day could resemble the following:
Sample Schedule
9:00       Opening Huddle
9:15       Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, or Futsal
10:15    Speed, Agility, and Coordination Drills
10:45    Choice Time (select a sport)
11:30    Huddle Up, Read Up
12:00    Lunch (Half Day Dismissal)
12:30    Supervised  Free Play
1: 00     Badminton, Ultimate Frisbee or Hockey
2:00      Recreational Activities (Tug-A-War, Kickball, Sharks & Minos, etc….)
2:50      Closing Huddle
3:00     Dismissal
*   Bring your favorite book or summer reading material
Note:    Campers schedules will vary from day to day, depending on their grouping and weather conditions!

What is the counselor to camper ratio at Kids Elite Sports Camp?

In each Kids Elite Sports Camp we provide a unique environment where campers are able to benefit from individual and group instruction. Each individual program is supervised and run by Program Leader to ensure consistency and proper supervision. For our younger campers, we aim to maintain a counselor to camper ratio of approximately 5:1.

What is the swimming test procedure?

New campers will be administered a swim test to determine if they need a swim vest. This test determines whether your camper needs to wear a vest during recreational swim. The test involves swimming from one end of the pool to the other (typically 25 yards) without touching the pool wall or lap lane.

What precautions do you take to handle the summer heat?

Kids Elite Sports Camp is well aware that the summer heat can drain a camper throughout the day and week. Water is always available and campers are encouraged to take water breaks periodically. The Camp Director communicates daily with the TEAM and takes special precautions on Code RED or extremely hot days. Not only ensuring multiple breaks from the outside into air conditioned environments, but also making sure that sunscreen is re-applied on your camper multiple times throughout the day.

Where is your camp location?

Woodrow Wilson Senior High School
3950 Chesapeake St. NW
Washington, DC 20016
State of the Art Facility includes:
Multiple Gymnasiums, Turf Field, and Aquatic Center

Will I receive additional information about camp after I register?

Once you register and pay for your camp session(s), you will receive a confirmation email for your own records. In addition to that confirmation email, you may receive a reminder the week of notifying you of essential information regarding your camp session.

Will my child have to wear a swim vest even though they know how to swim?

New campers will be administered a swim test to determine if they need a swim vest. This test determines whether your camper needs to wear a vest during recreational swim. The test involves swimming from one end of the pool to the other (typically 25 yards) without touching the pool wall or lap lane.

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