Counselor-in-Training Program



The CIT program at Kids Elite Sports, Inc. is a great opportunity for middle school students (13-14 years) who want to become counselors once in high school.  CITs will gain experience working with young children and peers to gain problem solving, communication, and organizational skills.  CITs are trained to support small groups of campers and to assist with daily camp duties.  All CITs earn 20 hours of community service hours a week.  


Application Process

  1.  Student must send a Letter of Interest (LOI) to Attn: Jami Dunham.  LOI should include: name, grade, school, summary of academic progress, hobbies and interests, sports affiliations, and parents’ names & contact information.  Student must also send a teacher recommendation letter.
  2.  Once LOI is received and reviewed, student will receive a link to complete the Kids Elite Counselor application.
  3. Parent completes registration via Kids Elite website. 
  4. All counselors must attend training on June 14 and June 21. (Details sent in separate email.)
  5. Any CITs that apply/register after June 21 must attend training on the Monday of their registered week.




CIT registration is $125 per week.